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Afni Inc Collections

If you have recently been contacted by Afni Collections the company is likely claiming that you have some kind of unreconciled debt.

And while you may or may not have actually failed to make a payment the collectors, are not going to leave you alone until you either 1) pay them what they want or 2) prove that the claim is erroneous.

You need information to make wise choices.

Afni, collections

Who is Afni Collections?

This agency is a collections agency.

It exists to find people who have outstanding debts and convince them to pay. Numerous other companies will hire this agency to contact their delinquent customers and collect the debt.

Consequently, you may receive letters, phone calls, or even emails detailing unpaid bills on anything from credit cards to electric bills that will be titled "past due."

What Do They Want?

Simply put, this company wants your money.

When they contact you they will claim that you owe X number of dollars for X unpaid expense, and that the total bill is due immediately.

They may send you letters in the mail, or if they have your phone number they will likely call you on a regular basis insisting that you pay. It is unlikely that they will leave you alone until the amount is paid in full.

What Should I Do?

First, determine if the bill presented to you is legitimate.

Some sources say that this company has been guilty of fabricating unpaid bills and then scaring customers into paying them. Don't be intimidated by threats. Take a look at your financial history, and evaluate whether or not you are debt free to date.

If your records show that the alleged bill in the specified amount, is unpaid to date, you should pay the collection agency as quickly as possible.

If you are sure that you are being falsely accused, however, do not pay. Instead, send a letter to the company disputing the validity of the bill. You have this right based on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

Be sure to request specific details regarding the history of the bill, as well as exact dates and numbers from the accusing company.

Once you have sent your letter keep careful documentation of the following communication.

If Afni continues to insist that the bill be paid and you continue to be sure that the claim is erroneous, you should contact the Attorney General in your state or your local representative to protest the inaccurate claim.

Paying your bills in a timely fashion is your responsibility. But do not allow yourself to be bullied into paying a bill that you know is false. Keep careful record of your finances and stay or become debt free.

If Afni is hunting you down, take a look at the helpful resources below.

Learn how many people just like you got this company off their backs!

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