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Allied Interstate Inc

Are you being hounded by Allied Interstate? If so, you have a vestead interest in getting them to leave you alone.

Allied Interstate Unfortunately, among telemarketing companies, this one is among the most persistent.

If you are going to get this agency off your back you are going to need some debt advice.

Why is Allied Interstate Calling Me?

Allied Interstate Inc is a Collections Agency.

It's sole purpose is to make money by inciting people to pay bills that they may or may not legitimately owe. When you are called by an agency representative they will tell you that such-and-such a bill for X number of dollars is "past due." The bill may be a recent one, however, in many cases it will date several years in that past.

Collections agencies tend to work for a wide variety of other companies, so the bill could stem from anything from a car payment to your mortgage.

What can I Do?

When called by an this collection agency representative you have several choices:

Immediately Pay the bill.

Some people make the mistake of assuming that the collections agency is 100% correct about its claims. They immediately take out their credit card and start reading off the numbers. This is the best-case scenario in the eyes of a collections agency.

Get More Information.

You have the right to ask questions. If the collections agency claims that you owe $568 on a car that you junked ten years ago, you likely have written documentation to prove otherwise.

Do Not Divulge Personal Information.

Giving this collections agency information will only make the situation worse. On their website it clearly states that they will use any information collected to assist their collection process.

Refuse to Pay.

You are not required by law to pay a bill that you know to be erroneous. If you suspect that the collections agency is taking you for a ride, take this debt advice: do not pay them.

Write to the Company.

Based on the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, you have the right to request detailed validation of the Collection Agency's claim.

Call in Back-Up.

If you continue to be harassed by this collection company over illegitimate claims, you should go to the authorities. Your local representative or your state's Attorney General can both help you.

You do not have to suffer harassment at the hand of a collections agency. If this agency is on your back, take a look at the resources below.

Learn how many people just like you got this company off their backs!

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