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Asset Acceptance Capital Corp

Has Asset Acceptance Capital Corp contacted you by phone or snail mail?

Feeling troubled is natural! Read on to find help!

Asset Acceptance If you are at all concerned about your situation, and who wouldn't be, you may want to read some success stories about people winning against this debt collection agency.

Also, you may want to read about what exactly to do about Asset Capital.

Below are the cold, hard facts about this company.

Asset Facts

Here are some facts about this organization you may find helpful.

Asset Acceptance Capital Corp, founded in 2003, buys and collects consumer debt.

It's three subsidiaries are Premium Asset Recovery Corp, Asset Acceptance, LLC, and Consumer Credit, LLC.

Asset purchases charged-off consumer debt, Premium Asset Recovery specializes in healthcare receivables, and Consumer Credit focuses on financing consumer sales in Michigan.

Asset Capital Corp has 700 employees and 10 offices and operates out of 9 different states. Call centers are located in Michigan, Arizona, Florida, Illinois, Ohio, and Texas.

Legal Aid offices are located in Maryland, New Jersey, and Virginia. Out of all these offices owned and used by AACC, Warren, Michigan is the company's call center headquarters.

This debt collection agency buys consumer debt, claiming that they want to help keep their clients' major assets safe as well as restore financial stability to their companies. When buying consumer debts, Asset says they will specifically engineer their methods to the needs of their clients.

Also, for companies worried about damaging their customer image, Asset supposedly interacts with debtors in as friendly a manner as possible.

Asset takes as its motto the phrase "returning value to our credit driven economy." Along with this motto, this agency says it strives to see problems in a new light and work toward solutions. Also, Asset says it operates off of the fundamental principles of integrity, respect, and excellence. Asset Acceptance, LLC employees take the pledge that they will view all debtors they interact with as people worthy of retaining their own personal pride and deserving respect.

Asset may claim to treat their debtors well, however, many people who interact with them feel differently, saying that Asset's real policy is quite the reverse.

In fact, consumers who dealt with the company say Asset treated them unfairly as well as unethically. One debtor went so far as to say Asset accused her of fraud when she tried to get the company to follow through with its promises.

Other clients who have had their debts collected by Asset say the company dealt underhandedly with them and did not, contrary to the company's own claims, to treat them as individuals with personal integrity.

According to most consumer claims, Asset does not live up to its promises and behaves more like a crook than a company.

If you are already dealing with Asset, make sure to research these complaints for truth and to find out how other debtors coped.

If you are in debt and dealing with a junk debt company like Asset Acceptance, you need to become debt free as soon as possible.

There are various debt consolidation companies to help you or debt resources to do it yourself.

Learn how many people just like you got this company off their backs!

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