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Asset Acceptance Capital Corp

Contacted by Asset Acceptance Capital Corp.

Let's find a solution!

Asset Acceptance Capital, Corp It's every consumer's nightmare. You had your credit checked and a delinquent debt you'd forgotten about showed up. You need the right information.

Plus, your debt has been bought by Asset Acceptance of Warren, Michigan, a junk debt buyer.

Asset Acceptance calls you and starts threatening court, bankruptcy, and other types of impending doom if you don't pay the original debt plus the fees tacked on by Asset Acceptance, LLC.

The questions start coming. How do you get out of this debt? Where will the money come from? How can you even know they're charging you for a real debt? You have no memory of the particular credit card they mentioned.

How do you find a debt solution?

Find Your Debt Solution

First, make sure the debt is real through a debt validation.

According to the Fair Debt Collection Act, Asset Acceptance will legally need to provide you with proof. Many times, scammers will pretend they are a debt collection agency and charge you with fake debts.

Always see if this debt really belongs to you.

Next, if you truly are dealing with Asset Acceptance Capital Corp, check the statue of limitations in your area.

Every state places a limit on how long creditors can charge you for your debts. Many people who have dealt with Asset Acceptance report the company tried to charge them with old, out of date debts.

Once you have verified the debt and checked the statue of limitations, you need to start dealing with Asset Acceptance.

Do not listen to their threats. You don't need to go into bankruptcy. Asset Acceptance Capital Corp may claim they can have your property seized, you thrown in jail, or have the sheriff seize your property.

While these claims have some truth, Asset Acceptance needs to bring you to court before enacting these methods.

Often, they have no real case against you and will back off or significantly lower your fees when you call their bluff.

However, if they don't back off, do not panic.

Deal with the company and find a solution.

You have what they want. Money. Stay calm and make them work for this money. Often, they will settle for pennies on the dollar. If you have the money available, consider paying off the debt immediately. Asset Acceptance may be willing to cut your fees for a lump sum.

However, if you don't have the money, a consolidation debt loan, getting one big loan to pay off a bunch of little loans, may help.

If you are faced with a debt situation like this one, don't give up hope.

Getting out of debt is possible. Debt consolidation companies or do-it-yourself services can help you get back on your feet.

Learn how many people just like you got this company off their backs!

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