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Asset Acceptance Corp

If you notice Asset Acceptance Corp, Warren, Michigan on your credit report, receive a debt letter from them, or get a phone call notifying you of debt, it may seem tempting to ignore the notifications and hope the problem will go away.

Don't! Get the right help!

However, ignoring the issue will not ease your debt problem.

However, Asset Acceptance Capital Corp may want you to dismiss the situation, because that will help them. An absent defendant makes their case easier to win.

It's very possible to win against Asset Acceptance Corp, you just need the right information.

Real Life Success Stories

Asset Acceptance Corp Even though it seems impossible, winning against Asset Acceptance, LLC can and does happen. The following is a real story, but with the name changed.

"Jim" had a large debt collected by the company. Although he didn't contest having the debt, he did contest the $5,000 which was inexplicably added on to his total. Asset Acceptance Corp gave no reason for this $5,000 but merely demanded he pay it. Rather than sitting back in disgust and ignoring the problem, he and his fiancee took a proactive approach.

After asking for a debt validation, the couple called Asset Acceptance Capital Corp twice a month for six months. Every time they called, the company claimed the letter was on the way. However, on their last call, Asset claimed a judgment was passed, and they were no longer required to send a validation letter.

Asset claimed the gentleman failed to respond to either their summons or complaint. According to them, they attempted to contact him five times, before the default judgment was passed on 1/2/08 - while the couple was on vacation.

After he and his fiancee came up with the paperwork to prove that he had been on vacation and finding the phone logs to prove the couple had called every two weeks, the Asset lawyers reached a settlement and they removed the mark from his credit report.

Asset Acceptance Capital Corp contacted another individual about a visa card debt. However, this debt belonged to another person, not the gentleman contacted. Still, he took an aggressive approach, showing up at his hearing, denying responsibility for the debts, and going to the ensuing mediation hearing.

Because of his approach and his refusal to ignore the issue, this man managed to make Asset Acceptance drop the charges, and he moved on with his life.

Take an Active Approact against Asset Acceptance Corp

Although many debts bought by Asset Acceptance are legitimate debts and often debtors receive just charges, more often than not, the debts appear to be either falsified or purposely exaggerated.

If you find yourself in one of these situations, follow the debt advice of those who already conquered similar situations, face the problem head-on.

If you are in debt or facing an unjust lawsuit, you need to deal with the situation.

There are debt consolidation companies or other debt and legal resources to help you accomplish this task.

Learn how many people just like you got this company off their backs!

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