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Best Credit Card Debt Help

Needing to find the best credit card debt help -- like, now?! Getting one or two credit cards seemed like such a good idea--in the beginning. best credit card debt help Now you are knee deep in credit card debt, and not sure where to turn. Rest assured--there is help out there. There are many agencies that can help you out from underneath the piles of bills and notices.

Best credit card debt help: Starts with you

There are a few key things you can do to help yourself out of credit card debt. Here are a few pointers:
  • Develop a budget - This is simply assessing how much you make vs. how much you spend on a monthly basis. The library is filled with books to help you learn how to make a budget. Then stick to it! There are many tools available to help you learn to live within your means, as well as balancing your checkbook, and creating plans for a savings plan, and paying down your own debt.
  • Contact and deal with your own creditors and debt collectors - Contacting your creditors immediately if you start to get in trouble financially can save you lots of trouble. Most companies will work with you and place you on a feasible monthly payment plan. This will also keep them from turning you in to a debt collection agency.
  • Cut up your credit cards - This one is a tough one--but learning to use just maybe one or two cards that you can easily manage will go along way in saving you the headache of sorting out all the bills and grace periods at the end of each month.

Best credit card debt help: Where do I look?

There are many debt credit card management, consolidation and counseling services available. You can find these services and programs at agencies located in many towns, or you can get telephone counseling, as well as find online agencies to help you with your credit card debt.

Many military bases offer counseling to servicemen and their families, while credit unions and housing authorities, as well as cooperative agencies offer free debt counseling programs.

Best credit card debt help: Pointers to protect yourself from unethical practices

Avoid agencies that:

  • charge you fees before it settles your debts
  • pressure you for "voluntary" contributions
  • guarantee to make your debt disappear
  • offer bailout programs
  • enroll you in debt management programs without consultation
  • guarantee you will only have to repay debt in "pennies on the dollar"

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