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Business and Professional Service

Has Business and Professional Service contacted you about your debt?

You need information when dealing with this collection agency.

Business and Professional Service
Based out of San Antonio, Texas, this collection agency specializes in medical collections. Thus, if they contact you it is likely due to an unpaid medical bill.

And while it is certainly never pleasant to receive notice that your bill has been handed over to a collections agency, the source of the amount owed will probably not come as a surprise to you. You will recognize the bill from a medical visit - such as for a broken arm setting or a wisdom tooth removal.

What is Business and Professional Service?

Technically speaking, this company is a collections agency; however, unlike many similar agencies, this one tends to have its facts straight.

The company specializes in medical billing for the Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and Anesthesia/Pain Management.

They are also known for using a convenient electronic payment system through their website.

While mistakes are certainly possible, in most cases, a request for payment from BPS will be legitimate. And it will almost certainly be medically related.

How did they Find my Information?

If this company contacts you, they have most likely received your information from a doctor or a hospital to which you have an outstanding bill.

After medical facilities have attempted to collect payment several times without success, they typically hand over the collection process to someone with more time on their hands.

BPS exists to help these physicians get their money in a timely fashion.

What if I Don't Have the Money?

Unlike some collections agencies, Business and Professional Service attempts to live up to its name.

The company strives to maintain a positive relationship between doctors and their patients, so if you have legitimate financial trouble, they will try to work with you.

However, ultimately, you are going to have to find a way pay the money back.

Payment plans can be extremely helpful to those in financial distress. If you are on a payment plan, instead of paying back the entire sum of money at once, you will pay a specified monthly amount.

Much like a car payment or a mortgage, this option allows you to slowly pay back the money you owe. It does not excuse you from the debt but it does offer a reasonable debt solution.

If you need help knowing how to deal with Business and Professional Service, check out the information below. You are not alone. There are debt solutions out there. Let us help you.

Learn how many people just like you got this company off their backs!

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