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Credit Card Debt Consolidation Companies

Looking for good credit card debt consolidation companies? Feel like you're buried in a pile of credit card bills, notices, and collection threats? You're not alone. credit card debt consolidation companies

Credit Card Debt Consolidation Companies

Thousands of Americans are buried up to their neck in debt from the loss of a job, overspending, or a change in circumstances. Finding a debt consolidation company may just be the relief you are looking for.

Credit card debt consolidation companies: What do they do?

Debt consolidation companies offer what is termed a debt relief program, which when boiled down to the simplest terms, allows you to consolidate your credit cards into one payment, many times at a lower interest rate. Here are some advantages of credit card debt consolidation:
  • All of your bills are consolidated into a single manageable monthly payment
  • Many times you can pay off the cred card at a lower rate of interest
  • Collection agencies will stop harassing you with daily calls
  • Creditors will reduce or perhaps totally waive over-the-limit charges, as well as late fees

Credit card debt consolidation companies: How do I find one?

When you are looking for a credit card debt consolidation company, there are some things you know to make sure the company is a reputable agency:
  1. Research online. Reading reviews of what others have to say about the company will go a long way to helping you make a decision about choosing one. One way to accomplish this is to type the name of the company and then the word "complaints" into your search engine and read the reviews. Just remember, though, more people complain than recommend, so approach it with a balanced view.
  2. Check their BBB rating. Just FYI - know that some people can photoshop in a duplicate BBB image--you may want to call the Bureau instead. You can also check into accreditations the company has received from reputable accreditation agencies.
  3. Read about the service background of the company. Also reading the client testimonials on the website can be helpful.

Credit card debt consolidation companies: Is it for me?

The best way to know if debt consolidation is the right choice for you, is to ask for debt counseling (it's free) and have a licensed credit debt counselor assess your situation, and see what their recommendations are. Make sure you know ahead of time what fees the debt consolidation agency charges, and remember even though a company claims to be non-profit - that does not mean they will not charge you fees or press for "voluntary contributions."

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