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IC Systems Inc.

So you've been contacted by IC Systems Inc? You need info so that you can deal with them wisely.

Who is IC Systems Inc.?

IC Systems

IC Systems Inc., or Intelligent Collections Systems, is a debt collection company.

The company claims to have collected billions of dollars for their clients without ever causing one of their clients to pay a legal judgment.

Intelligent Collections works has over 30,000 clients and has worked with almost every industry. They claim to handle all the collection-related work for over 500 businesses who work exclusively with this debt collection company.

Intelligent Collections Systems offers their clients customizable debt solutions to tailor their company to the exact needs of their clients. This company offers to do many things for their clients including recovering assets, liquidating write offs, accelerating cash flow, reducing charge offs, improving roll rates, mitigating losses, and collecting debts.

They also offer multilingual services for their international and multinational clients.

This debt collector is a BBB Accredited business and has been since 1991.

Contacted by this Debt Collection Agency?

Although IC Systems advertises themselves as "innovative" and "aggressive", their debt collection tactics have stepped beyond the boundaries of good business practices.

Many people have posted complaints about the actions of Intelligent Collections Systems.

Some of these complaints include harassment, phone calls in the late evenings, calls about a debt that has already been paid, phone calls at work, and repeated phone messages that do not explain the purpose for the call.

Many of the people who have reported complaints do not have any outstanding debts, but they are still being contacted by this company about debts.

What To Think About

If you are being contacted by this collection agency there are several things you may want to know.

Collection agencies are only allowed to call between 8 am and 9 pm, and they cannot call you at work if you have asked them not to.

You also do not have to communicate with Intelligent Collections over the phone if you do not wish to.

Asking them to contact you in writing can eliminate the phone calls that many people consider harassing.

If you have hired an attorney, the collection agency is not allowed to contact you directly.

If IC Systems or any other company does not follow these regulations, they are in violation of the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act).

You can also send the debt collection company a letter asking them to cease and desist all communication with you. The collection agency is only allowed to contact you one more time to tell you if they will stop trying to collect on their debt or if certain actions will be taken.

Although some companies like Intelligent Collections do not always follow reputable business practices, it is still important to remember that not all debt consolidation companies are like this.

Consumers must make every effort to become debt free.

Take advantage of one of the many debt consolidation resources or companies and become debt free.

Learn how many people just like you got this company off their backs!

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