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LVNV Funding

LVNV Funding Success Stories!

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Most people have probably never even heard of LVNV or its alias name, Resurgent Capital Services.

If you know someone who's come in contact with LVNV, chances are that they don't have good things to say about them.

If they are breathing down your neck, take courage, here's some success stories!

LVNV Funding

Collection agencies or debt junk buyers like LVNV sometimes are accused of trying to collect debts that are well past their statute of limitations.

LVNV purchases debt for cents on a dollar and then tries to recoup as much as it can.

Then again, even if you do owe the debt, you're probably not going to like the company that puts a negative mark on your credit history or that tells you that you owe them money.

But not all of the stories have been bad.

Success Stories

One woman tells the about how she successfully got LVNVs negative mark off her credit report. She says that LVNV Funding LLC had purchased one of her debts from Sears and now informed her that she owed them money.

After unsuccessfully calling the company itself, she called a law firm, which began helping her remove her credit. Finally she got a letter from a credit agency saying that the negative mark had been deleted.

Another woman said that she had a debt that was way past her Statute of Limitations. The company had sued her, and she needed to appear in court.

She couldn't afford an attorney, so she spent as much time as possible learning about the process online. She called the local court to have the hearing postponed and when she eventually did appear in court, the plaintiff’s attorney didn't show up. When this happens, you can win by default, which she did.

Both stories indicate that there are two things that can help you the most if this happens: knowledge and good, qualified attorneys.

There are plenty of stories about consumers who have tried to call collection agencies or debt junk buyers who have been mistreated or who weren't able to get anywhere.

Some of these stories may be true, while others could be exaggerated.

Ultimately, the best person to speak with is a qualified attorney. He or she will likely be more reasonable or respectful that a debt collector will be.

If you've never found yourself being surprised at having a negative mark on your credit history, count yourself blessed.

The best way to avoid this type of situation is to eliminate credit debt in the first place. You can contact a debt consolidation company or invest in some software that will enable you to do it yourself.

The story of the person who pays off his debt and never has to deal with LVNV LLC may be boring, but he's probably happier and more stress-free.

Learn how many people just like you got this company off their backs!

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