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LVNV Funding LLC

Contacted by LVNV Funding LLC?

Find out what you can do about it.

What Should You Do?

LVNV Funding LLC If you're low on funds to begin with, the last thing you want to find is some long-lost debt that's suddenly on your credit report again.

You may suddenly see LVNV Funding on your credit report and wonder what in the world that is.

What you need is the right information in order to take the right steps.

First of all, research the company, whether it's LVNV, Midland Credit Management, Asset Acceptance or another company known as a debt junk buyer.

Learn a about LVNV Funding LLC and its standing with the Better Business Bureau.

Companies such as LVNV purchase debts that have been written off from a creditor for only a percentage of what the debt was.

Often companies such as LVNV are not third parties - they're the main organizations that now own the debt.

So even though you may not recognize LVNVs name on your credit report, they're the ones who now own your debt.

Next, you need to find out if you actually owe any money to LVNV.

Here's the best news for the person who owed the debt. Just because you had a debt years ago doesn't mean you still owe it.

Often these debts are way past their statute of limitations, have been written off in bankruptcy, or have been settled.

Find out what the statute of limitations on your debt is in your state and be sure you have documentation about how long ago you owed the debt.

Some companies are known for preying on people who once owed debts but don't anymore. Technically, it's illegal to ask for money from someone who doesn't owe it anymore.

Companies that do this have been sued and reported to the Better Business Bureau. Despite this, many of them still operate.

If that is the case, you can send a letter to the credit bureaus disputing the negative mark on your credit report.

Many will probably advise you not to call LVNV Funding LLC yourself. If you contact the company by phone, you may be harassed day and night with phone calls from them.

Often the best option to clear your name is to speak with an attorney, but the bottom line is that you shouldn't settle to pay money when you don't owe it, whether you're dealing with LVNV LLC or anyone else.

Speaking with a collector can be scary since they're more prone to be aggressive or possibly rude, while an attorney will generally be more professional and informative.

But whether or not you use an attorney, make sure you keep all of the documentation that's relevant.

Ultimately, there is one good way to eliminate debt: live within your means and pay it off aggressively.

This way, you should be able to avoid ever coming in contact with a company like LVNV.

Also, check into a debt consolidation company that can give you some debt advice or consider purchasing a debt resource to work on it yourself.

Learn how many people just like you got this company off their backs!

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