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Midland Credit

Midland Credit Management, Inc is a debt collection company.

If they've contacted you, there are some actions you should take.

Midland Credit

Midland is a subsidiary of Encore Capital Group , a group that is traded on the NASDAQ.

Information on Midland collection agency is very difficult to find, because the company has little interest in making it available.

Take care of your debt by getting the information you need.

Terrified over your debt to Midland? You may not have to be! If you're worried, check out some success stories against Midland.

Also, take a look at exactly what to do if Midland is on your credit report.

Midland Credit Management Facts

Midland doesn't make info about themselves easy to access.

What information they do make available online hardly represents the way that the company actually works.

Generally, the best insight is from customers that have dealt with the company directly.

Midland Credit has offices in San Diego, Phoenix and St. Cloud Minnesota.

The company is a junk debt buyer, meaning that they buy credit that has gone into default for a small percentage of what these debts were originally worth.

The debt they buy may be anything from mortgage debt to unpaid credit debt or cell phone bills.

Agents are then paid a commission for whatever amount they are able to get back. This is why agents for Midland Credit will harass you by phone, mail, or whatever other possible means. Of course, they will also threaten to destroy your credit report.

Midland has a pattern of bullying consumers and making demands it cannot genuinely support.

In some cases, Midland has been misleading or deceptive in the way they conducted business.

Like many debt collection agencies, Midland does not have a good record, and there have been many successful legal cases made against the company.

In a few cases, it seems possible that Midland has fraudulently tried to force consumers to pay money they did not rightfully owe, though the company maintains that this was only a mistake.

Many of the debts that Midland purchases are far beyond the statue of limitations. This means that consumers have no legal obligation to make payment.

However, it is not illegal for the company to pursue payment on these debts and many consumers that don't understand their legal rights will simply pay the agency.

Of course, the agency will demand payment for as much as possible, whether they are legally entitled to it or not.

Contact information for the management within the company is not readily available, and Midland will always funnel your calls to the agent that is managing your case.

However, some contact information for managers is available online and there are plenty of discontented consumers that are willing to give it to you.

Payments for debts to Midland Credit can be made via checks, the Western Union Quick Collect system, credit and debit cards, and wire transfers.

Agents for Midland will try to establish some type of payment schedule that allows them to collect the full debt or as much as possible.

Many people that are in serious debt don't realize that there are resources and helps that can get you out.

Find a dependable debt consolidation company that can start you on an uphill path or use one of the many do it yourself debt resources that are available.

Learn how many people just like you got this company off their backs!

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