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Midland Credit MGMT

If you just received notice that Midland Credit MGMT purchased your debt or if you are receiving harassing phone calls, you may be relieved to know that other people have had similar experiences.

What should you do about it?

You can search the internet or consumer complaint sites for endless stories about Midland Credit. Here are just a few of the more egregious complaints about the company - and how people won their case.

Success Stories

Midland Credit Mgmt

There have been a few instances of mistaken collection attempts. One man received incessant calls from Midland Credit about someone else's debt. Once he confirmed his true identity, the company conceded that they had contacted the wrong person and promised to take his name off the list. Unfortunately, they called again the next day and continued their badgering. In 2007, a large number of consumers received notice that Midland Credit MGMT had purchased their debts to Citibank USA. If they paid immediately, they could get a 25% discount on the debt. In some cases, these notices were given to people that had never owned a Citibank card. When a few people demanded more information, the company dropped the charges. Unfortunately, other people simply made the payment because they wanted to take advantage of the discount, not realizing that they owed nothing. Another man received requests for a debt that was 21 years old and far beyond the statue of limitations. He sent Midland Credit a letter stating this fact and demanded that they prove his debt with a copy of the original contract and his signature on the purchases in question. He also threatened to register a complaint with the federal government if they did not comply and sent a dispute letter to all three credit bureaus. In the end, the debt was dropped and the negative record on his credit reports was also dropped. In 2009, Midland Credit was forced to stop all collection activities in Maryland. Apparently, many of their attorneys were filing illegal court evidence as a support for their lawsuits. Affidavits were being written and used in a way that completely ignored Maryland law. There have been many other examples of illegal action by Midland Credit and successful law suits by consumers against the company. One consumer had such deep credit debt, that she finally declared bankruptcy as a debt solution. Even though Midland had been one of the major creditors that drove her to that point, she still received an incident on her credit report after the bankruptcy case. This was completely illegal and utterly ignored the protection that bankruptcy involves. If you are facing serious and ongoing debt problems, you need to find a way out. Find a good debt consolidation company for advice or look for one of the many debt resources you can buy that will help you do it yourself.

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