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Non Profit Credit Card Debt Consolidation

Feel like you're drowning in a sea of debt? Getting non-profit card debt consolidation may be your life-line!

Non Profit Credit Card Debt Consolidation A debt consolidation agency helps consumers take back control of their finances by offering services in debt consolidation, counseling, and education.

Non profit credit card debt consolidation: What services they offer

  • Bankruptcy Counseling - Bankruptcy can be a very overwhelming and complex process, and a debt consolidation agency can help you make well-advised decisions as part of a team that consists of you, your legal counsel, and your debt management agency. They will work with you on creating a realistic budget or spending plan, and train you to wisely execute your financial decisions.
  • Credit Counseling - This service helps you when you are overwhelmed with credit card debt. Certified counselors will spend time reviewing and discussing with you your financial situation. They will help you identify all debts, income and expenses, and how you ended up in this situation, as well as how to prevent it in the future.
  • Debt Management Program - A debt management program is a debt resolving program that will - based on your situation - propose an alternative payment plan to your credit card holders. They will help you work out the terms with your creditors, many times at a lower interest than you are currently paying. Then you will be placed on a payment schedule program and the current credit card account will be closed. These plans can last up to five years, but are well worth the time and effort to regain good credit standing, as well as avoid the blight of bankruptcy on your credit record.

Non profit credit card debt consolidation: Other services

Other services  debt consolidation agencies offer may also include reverse mortgage counseling. A reverse mortgage is a unique type of loan - based on the equity built up in the home -  to eligible homeowners that are 62 years or older. Ask your agency representative for more information. Another service many agencies provide is housing counseling. This service provides you with information, tools, and resources that help you realize your dream of owning your home--many times through a HUD approved local housing agency.

Non profit credit card debt consolidation: How much does it cost?

A non profit debt consolidation agency provides counseling and budget consultation for free. Many times there is a one-time enrollment fee. Other agencies my charge a very small fee per credit card account, while others may charge a very small monthly maintenance fee. Still other agencies suggest monthly donations, that are not necessarily required by law. Learn how many people just like you got this company off their backs! Go back to Solve Debt Problems Main Page
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