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Outsourcing Solutions Inc

If an Outsourcing Solutions debt collector has contacted you about money you owe, you need information to help you know how to proceed.

Outsourcing Solutions

About Outsourcing Solutions Inc

Outsourcing Solutions Inc. or OSI is a company that offers receivables management services to businesses around the country, including Fortune 500 companies.

They offer their services to clients in many industries, including government, healthcare, education, finance and retail, commercial, utilities, and telecommunications.

The goal of OSI is to help their clients improve their finances by lowering operating costs, reducing bad debt expenses, accelerating cash flow, and improving customer retention.

This company offers many debt consolidation services to their customers, including student loan collections , medical billing, health care receivables, and consumer and commercial debt collections.

Over 6,000 people are employed by OSI, which has locations in 25 states and Puerto Rico as well as international locations in Canada and Mexico.

The headquarters of this debt collector are located in St. Louis, Missouri.

According to their president and CEO, Kevin Keleghan, OSI values responsible business conduct and respect for clients, customers, and co-workers. They desire to model high business ethics as they provide debt consolidation services to their clients.

Contacted by this Debt Collector?

In spite of their focus on ethical behavior and integrity, this debt collector does not have a spotless reputation.

In 1997, a case was brought against OSI which alleged that the company was attempting to collect on debts that had gone past their statute of limitations.Unfortunately, this case was not the only instance when this debt collection agency did not live up to their high claims of ethics and responsible business practices.

In addition to this lawsuit, many complaints have been filed against Outsourcing Solutions because of their poor business practices. Top complaints have been for harassment, rudeness, and threats made by telephone calls from OSI employees.

Other consumers complained that OSI called about debt that they did not owe and insisted that they had to pay the debt through OSI and could not contact the original creditors about the debt.

Some consumers have complained that this company demanded payments but never recognized that any payments have been received.

One specific complaint was about student loan debts, but OSI never lowered the student debt loan balance after payments were made. Another complaint filed against OSI claimed that the company never stopped contacting the consumer even after two cease and desist letters were sent.

If you have been contacted by Outsourcing Solutions about debt loans, you need to proceed cautiously with this company because of their poor reputation in the debt consolidation industry.

What You Should Do

Ask for a validation of your debt.

Make sure that OSI can prove that you owe them money and that the statute of limitations on that debt has not run out before you start negotiating with them for a debt consolidation plan.

Make every effort that you can to become debt free.

There are many debt consolidation companies and resources available that can help you to have better debt management.

Learn how many people just like you got this company off their backs!

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