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Portfolio Recovery Associates

If Portfolio Recovery Associates contacts you, you need to make informed decisions when interacting with this debt collector.

Who is Portfolio Recovery Associates?

Portfolio Recovery Associates Portfolio Recovery is a company that buys and manages portfolios of bankrupt and defaulted consumer receivables.

The company also provides various other services to governments, service providers, and lenders. Collecting collateral for auto loan servicers and conducting taxpayer auditing are just two of the services that this company offers to its clients.

PRA also acquires receivables from credit card companies such as MasterCard, Discover, and Visa. They also work with installment loans, bankrupt accounts, legal judgments, and lines of credit.

These defaulted or bankrupt consumer receivables are unpaid debts to banks, credit unions, retail merchants, and auto finance companies.


Portfolio Recovery Associates was started in 1996.

PRA's corporate headquarters is located in Norfolk, VA and they currently employ 1,800 people across the country.

The company is a member of ACA International, DBA International, and several Chambers of Commerce.

They were also one of the founding members of the American Asset Buyers Association.

The core values of PRA are teamwork, execution, urgency, ethics, and achievement.

The company also claims to be easy to work with and a high value at a low risk. They also advertise that they are giving debt collectors a good name.

Contacted by this Debt Collection Agency?

In spite of this debt collection agency's high claims, they have not always been found to be a reputable company. In fact, many consumers would strongly contradict the statements that this company has made about themselves.

Some of the more common complaints from consumers are fraudulent practices and harassment. Many complained that Portfolio Recovery continued to call them even when they were asked to stop calling.

Many consumers have filed complaints that they are being harassed by this company for debt that they do not even owe.

Others were contacted about debt that they thought had been paid.

Some people have even complained that this company has claimed that they didn’t receive payments that were sent.

A lawsuit was filed against this debt collector in January of 2010. A woman from New Jersey filed the lawsuit, alleging that PRA violated the FDCPA (Fair Debt Collection Practices Act) and published private information about her. The woman claims that the company had filed a time-barred consumer debt and disclosed her social security number and date of birth. If the company did in fact do these things, they are in violation of the FDCPA.

Although the credibility of Portfolio Recovery Associates can be questioned because of their business practices, some debt consolidation services are reputable companies.

Consumers should take their debt very seriously, whether it’s student debt, credit card debt, or mortgage debt.

Debt help is available from many reputable debt consolidation services. You could also purchase debt consolidation resources to help you get out of debt quickly.

Learn how many people just like you got this company off their backs!

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