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Premiere Credit

If you're getting a call from Premiere Credit of North America, LLC, you might not be in for a pleasant conversation.

This Indianapolis-based credit union specializes in collecting debts that are past due.

About Primiere Credit

Premiere Credit

Just because you've never dealt with Premiere Credit or done business with them doesn't mean that you don't them any owe money.

You may have heard of all of the evils of debt collection companies - encourage yourself - they're not necessarily true. On the other hand, don't accept everything the debt collector tells you as fact.

If you owe a company a debt, that company may have turned your account over to the debt collectors.

Companies such as Premiere Credit then try to contact the person with the loan and use specialized techniques to get at least some of that money back.

What to Do

The first thing the borrower will want to do is find out what the laws are in his or her state regarding statute of limitations. If the borrowers don't owe the money anymore, then the debt collector shouldn't be calling them.

In some cases, you may want to call an attorney. If you're confident that you can handle the situation yourself, then you can avoid calling a lawyer, but be advised that these situations can often take time.

You may want to consolidate debt while you work on resolving this issue.

If you do owe the money still, it's a good idea to work toward making a debt settlement, a process in which you are able to pay off a portion of the balance. If you have completely stopped making payments already, then the debt collector will be more likely to reach a settlement.

It often helps to check the credentials of a company before coming to an agreement. For example, Premiere Credit of North America's Better Business Bureau rating is a "C."

It's also generally considered wise to have any agreements in writing before abiding by the junk debt collector's request.

You may also want to try to consolidate debt. Debt consolidation might not always be the best for you, but sometimes it allows you to get a cheaper interest rate.

If you have problems with debt, you're not alone. Many people have worked with debt consolidation companies and then successfully got out of debt. Ultimately the best way to avoid getting calls from a debt collector is to get out of debt, so try to find the best possible solution to do so.

Learn how many people just like you got this company off their backs!

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