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Professional Systems

Has Professional Systems contacted you about your debt?

You need information to help you move forward.

Professional Systems Has this debt resolution company contacted you about your unpaid bills or credit debt?

At just the time when debt overwhelms you - life seems to get even more difficult when you are contacted by a collection agency or by a junk debt buyer like this one.

Junk debt buyers are companies that buy your defaulted bills or debts from the lender and contact you to collect payment. Third party collection agencies are hired by lenders to collect longstanding credit debts, unpaid bills, or other past due accounts.

If you have been contacted by a third party collection agency, you should be aware that the original lender is taking significant measures to collect payment - and if you don't want your credit score to be adversely affected, you should pay your bills as quickly as possible.

Many JDB (junk debt buyers) and collection agencies easily slip into practices that are questionable (and even illegal), so if you are contacted by a company for collection, you should know about the company to ensure that no fraud is taking place.

Professional Systems Facts

Professional Systems is a collection agency based in Mankato, Minnesota claiming over 40 years of experience and licensing/bonding in three states (Minnesota, Michigan, and Illinois).

Memberships and associations include ACA International (The Association of Credit and Collection Professionals), DBA International (Debt Buyers Association International), CCMI (Collector's Consortium of Minnesota, Inc.), Mankato Chamber of Commerce, Minnesota Association of Collectors, and Mankato Area Council for Quality.

The debt resolution company's website offers options of making secure debt payments online through their system, as well as making arrangements to settle debts if you are having difficulty making payments.

The website also states their commitment to collecting payment in a professional way but are willing to recommend legal steps on unpaid accounts. They also confirm that they are in compliance with FDCPA and that each collection staff member has been trained in conjunction with ACA International.

Although this collection agency is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau, the BBB has given them a rating of A (on a scale of A+ to F).

According to the BBB reliability report, this company has been in operation since 1959 and the president is Gary D. Roberts. The BBB has only filed one complaint against the company in the past 36 months. The complaint was related to a billing issue (which could be an error or undocumented claims by the company). One complaint was administratively closed within the past 36 months. (For information on how a complaint is administratively closed, see the BBB website report.)

If you are behind on paying your bills, you need to get out of debt before your credit score is negatively impacted.

If you have been contacted by Professional Systems of Mankato, Inc. concerning a past due bill or credit debt, see the resources below for further assistance.

Learn how many people just like you got this company off their backs!

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