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Square Two Financial

Square Two Financial contact you about your debt?

Here's some information that should hellp you.

Square Two Financial This company was originally known at Collect America.

After sixteen years of establishing a reputation for pressuring consumers to pay exorbitant amounts of unjustified money, this collection agency has decided to give itself a new face.

An unexpected change, Square Two has understandably taken the financial world by surprise.

The New Face of Collect America

If you type into your web browser you will be surprised to find yourself relocated to a site for Square Two Financial.

It's an attractive website, where you can find a goodly amount of information about the business side of this recently remodeled collection agency.

However, you will find no information there regarding the transition between the old and new names. Readers can only wonder, then, at the reasoning behind the radical shift.

Is the company trying to cover up past history? Or does CEO, Paul Larkins, really care about making positive changes?

Whatever the reasons, one thing is for sure: this collection agency is turning over a large new leaf.

The Services of Square Two Financial

This company now presents itself as far more than a collection agency.

It strives to assist its clients in moving on to "Square Two" by offering debt solutions and relieving distressed assets. Square Two agents pride themselves on their ability to accelerate financial recovery of assets.

After purchasing consumer debts from its clients, the company then claims that they seek to work with individual consumers as they pay off their outstanding debt.

Fairness and respect characterize their relationship to customers, they assert.

A Change of Heart?

While the stated goals of this revamped company certainly appear noble, only time will tell if moral reform has accompanied its external change.

With accounts from numerous different sources from credit cards to student loan debt, this debt collection agency has its hands full with individuals from all over the US.

All of these people have two things in common: debt and a desire to be treated fairly.

Past history has indicated that Collect America left much to be desired in the customer service department. Customers now have high hopes that a change of heart has accompanied this collection agency's change of web design.

If you have this debt collector asking you for money, take a look at the following helpful resources. You are not alone.

Debt solutions are available for you!

Learn how many people just like you got this company off their backs!

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